About Work Truck Outfitters

About Work Truck Outfitters

About  Work Truck Outfitters

Work Truck Outfitters is the original work truck equipment website.

Worktruck Outfitters was launched years ago with only one market in mind: The Work Truck Market. Our focus is purely on mechanics trucks, service trucks, utility trucks, tire service trucks and propane service trucks.

Of course, semi trucks are in the category too, so we offer tons of equipment and hardware for the tractor trailer market as well.

Our Worktruck Hardware section features D-Ring Handles, Paddle Handles, Grab Bars, Fuel Filler Dishes and more.

Work Truck Outfitters was also one of the first websites to feature Backup Cameras for Trucks. The backup cameras are all commercial quality backup cameras. No cheap discount cameras here. All of our backup cameras utilize only Sony chipsets and our backup monitors are all digital full color monitors.

Our hydraulic drive air compressors are from only the best U.S. manufacturers of hydraulic drive and rotary screw air compressors, specifically Boss Industries and Vanair Air Compressors.

If you're looking for anything at all for the work truck market and don't see it here on our website, feel free to give us a call. Maybe we can help. 877.360.PART (7278). Parts for all around your truck.

 We appreciate you visiting WorktruckOutfitters.com.

Ken Johnson